So, you’ve been in your job a long while, and you might have noticed your motivation is diminishing? Maybe you don’t feel challenged or valued enough, or maybe you feel like you’re not moving in the right direction. Your interests and goals naturally change over time – here are 10 signs that signify it might be time for you to switch jobs!

1. You dread work

The most obvious sign is that you absolutely dread coming into work. The thought of waving goodbye to the weekend and waking up on a Monday Morning fills you with anger. This could be for a number of reasons but if you’re not happy – it’s time for a change!

2. Procrastination

All of us procrastinate a little, whether it’s catching up on the football scores or scrolling through social media. If you are actively finding ways to procrastinate rather than work, it probably means you are not happy in your job. This can stem from a number of reasons, possibly you are chronically bored, the roles not challenging or you simply dislike the role.

3. Developing health issues

Whether you are working long hours and suffer from consistent fatigue or the sheer demands of the role are causing stress or anxiety. You shouldn’t let your job impact your personal health as these problems can escalate into something worse.

4. Overqualified, underpaid and no room for progression?

You may have gained the necessary qualifications and/or you are well experienced within the industry – you are still not progressing within your company or being given the salary package you deserve. Not reaching your desired salary within a role is the most common reason for wanting to change jobs. If you have been in the same job for 2-3 years, your salary package is most likely behind market rates due to inflation. Changing roles will typically result in a 10-15% salary increase.

Are you being headhunted by impressive/large organisations? You are overqualified and not reaching your full potential. Don’t waste time in a position that doesn’t offer opportunities for growth!

5. Venting

Everyone should be allowed to vent about their job but when it becomes repetitive, it can be irritating for others. If it reaches the point where you are creating a negative environment or friends and family avoid asking you about your job because they apprehend your venting – you should think about switching jobs! A job should bring more positive than negative into your life.

6. Bad company culture

There is nothing worse than a bad company culture – you may love the role, but if you don’t enjoy spending time with your colleague’s (the people you spend the majority of your day with) – this can really get you down! Find a company that fits your personality and a company culture you enjoy. Companies that provide frequent teambuilding events are great because they enhance employee morale and relationships within the workplace.

7. Can’t speak up

You should feel confident and comfortable enough at work to voice your opinion, share your thoughts and speak up for yourself. An oppressive environment just isn’t worth putting up with.

8. Career change

Your interests and goals naturally change over time – a career change is not a rarity. If you don’t feel comfortable or suited in this particular role you should look at choosing an alternative career path.

9. Zero feedback

You’ve been in your job a long while now, perhaps you have passed your probationary period but you’ve received zero feedback since. Maybe you have performed well on a task and have not been congratulated. You have no idea whether your employers value you or not. Having no salary progression is a large factor when it comes to wanting to switch jobs, however not being given the opportunity to increase your knowledge or experience within the role can also play a huge part. Setting up a meeting to discuss your suitability and career progression in the role is a great start but if the problem continues you should question whether your employers value your worth.

10. Bleeding talent

Is your company bleeding talent? Are they hiring to replace lost employees or are they doubling your work load and expecting you to cover all bases? This is a sure sign to find a different company otherwise you will become overworked and undervalued.