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Enhancing team morale and retention

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Do you need to boost employee morale in your team/company? Having a high standard of employee morale can have a huge positive affect on businesses, it gives people a reason to come into work besides ‘needing the money’. It may also prevent employees leaving early, calling in sick and having a low work ethic. Read more

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How to negotiate a job offer…

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For most of us, negotiating a new offer may be a very uncomfortable process, but if handled well a little discomfort may be a price worth paying. This is normally your best chance to increase your earnings and advance your career.
Evidence clearly shows that moving to a new employer offers you the greatest chance of enhancing your earnings as well as your learning. The average salary increase you can expect to make when changing employers is 10-15%. Very few employers will offer that sort of increase to retain a valued employee.

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