2021 Recruitment Update ~ May


Dear Customers

A year we never want to repeat – 2020 was full of surprises and forced everyone out of their comfort zones. The economy shrank by an unprecedented degree and we mostly swapped office life for home-working.1thumbnail_IMG_4035

Our local competitors also had eventful years with UK turnover for the quoted recruitment businesses shrinking by 30-40% and financial concerns arising for others.

At times it felt like we were paddling fast to stand still but as we look back we are proud that we managed to greatly exceed our downbeat financial forecasts and that we added to our team numbers.

We owe our colleagues a huge debt of thanks for responding so positively to the challenges we faced and for helping us to grow our market share yet again.fCapture


As Spring is now upon us and we remember the glorious weather we experienced in the first lockdown, GDP forecasts from the Bank of England and all respected sources indicate that we may be in for a very busy next 12 months.sCapture

We hope that this Spring, you and your loved ones remain in good health. Please do get in touch with us whether you are seeking a new opportunity, a new addition to your team or for a friendly chat with an experienced recruiter.

Best wishes for a safe, healthy, and successful year,

Richard Carter, Rod Hutchings & Ruth Snell