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April Recruitment update

Dear  all,

As directors at Chilworth Partnership and Venture Recruitment Partners, we write during these highly-unique times as we all desperately seek ways to maintain normality whilst adapting our work and personal lives to meet government guidelines. As the leaders of our business we have extensive experience of managing through multiple and sometimes severe, downturns – including 1991-94, Y2k, 9/11, the 2008 banking crisis and Brexit. However, nothing could have prepared us for COVID-19.


We’ve been finding-out from many of you how difficult and challenging this period is proving and how much angst the uncertainty is causing for you, whether as an employer or a job-seeker. We are working with many clients still needing to recruit, some who have halted their processes and some who have stopped them altogether. The volume of new accountancy roles being posted nationally on job boards is slightly less than half the expected level for this time of year, a phenomenon we are also experiencing.


Whilst we are optimistic that we can continue to turn adversity into opportunity and further strengthen our market share, we too have had to make some tough decisions including furloughing some of our valued colleagues. We hope to see them back at work in the not too-distant future but know that they are welcoming some much needed R&R, enabling them to return refreshed and recuperated.


Director PhotoLike us, many of you will not be accustomed to working remotely from your colleagues and friends, it can get lonely. If you are in need of some human interaction and would like to share your situation or need guidance on CV writing and video interviewing tips please do get in touch with us and the team.
We have included below links to articles that you may find useful to read or pass on.


Above all we hope that this letter finds you and your loved ones in good health. We are here to help during this time and also, once we have come out the other side. Our business may not be saving lives but we can play a crucial part in helping to get yours back on track when this is all over.
Kind regards
Richard Carter, Rod Hutchings & Ruth Snell


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