April was a hugely successful month with the highlight of course being ourBusiness Breakfast event. The event saw over 80 delegates in attendance at the Chilworth Manor. Positive feedback is still pouring in, with Bonita Norris’s memorizing talk on overcoming the challenges of Mount Everest being particularly popular. Bonita shared her experiences and remarkable achievements, underlining how seemingly impossible tasks can be achieved through hard work and determination, one step at a time.



On the back of a record quarter, we are proud to announce that we had another record breaking month. The Venture team has continued their phenomenal success in both the permanent and interim markets. We are now working alongside three new companies – two SME’s and one listed business. These businesses are going through periods of significant change around their accounting systems. This has created new opportunities and assignments for candidates experienced in managing change, projects and implementing systems. In addition, we have successfully introduced a Senior Interim Manager with considerable acquisition and integration experience to a major US business.



Whilst opinion is still divided, the consensus amongst businesses that we work with is to stay within the EU. “Both large and small businesses benefit from the EU’s single market, tariff-free trade and full access to a market of 500m people.” If the UK was to leave the EU without the negotiation of a free trade deal, organisations across the country would be affected. The majority of our clients take the stance that EU companies would seek trading opportunities elsewhere within the EU in order to reduce their costs and subsequently diminish trade to the UK, leading to potential job losses.



With the new national minimum wage now in motion, the first signs of a ripple effect are now being seen. On the 1st April, the minimum wage rose from £6.70 to £7.20 and the living wage to £8.35, outside of London. This has not just been good news for employees at the bottom end of pay scales – with firms eager to maintain the differentials between their ranks – employees on higher salaries are also reaping the benefits. As low level salaries rise so do the salary levels above them, this knock on effect is now being witnessed by our mid-market recruitment team.

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Market Update – April 2016



With the EU referendum looming, the jury is open and the debate is still raging on what the benefits may be if our nation was to leave the EU. In the world of recruitment the situation is no different. Currently UK employers take joy in receiving applications from across the continent with travel within the EU relatively stress free, opening up countless opportunities for job seekers. If this freedom of movement was limited, some argue that the ‘brightest and best’ would be deterred from applications, diminishing the talent pool available to employers. Others maintain that recruitment would thrive with SME’s particularly benefiting from the lack of EU regulation. In a strong and versatile market, there is no reason to suggest that trade between British and European businesses would be affected, with the number of job opportunities therefore remaining as they are. The debate is destined to continue until and beyond the June 23rd vote, with no clear argument taking precedence.



This month our team is excited about our upcoming Business Breakfast Event on 21st April. The event is now fully booked, with over 100 delegates expected. Our guest speaker, Bonita Norris, will be sharing her experiences on the road to becoming the youngest British female to climb Mount Everest and her numerous other remarkable achievements. Bonita will discuss what she’s learnt about goal setting, managing intimidating tasks and the importance of seizing opportunities. We look forward to welcoming Bonita and all our attending delegates, in what we’re sure will be a memorable occasion.



Finally, congratulations to the Venture team on their extraordinary success since the turn of year. The team has taken full advantage of the current boom in mid-market recruitment, completing a record-braking quarter. Since the recession there has been a shift in focus from both large and mid-sized firms with companies now looking to hire candidates with high potential. It has not been uncommon for candidates to receive offers several months prior to receiving their full qualifications or indeed for them to receive multiple offers. A large part of this success has been down to Chris, who since joining the team in mid-January has quickly settled into his role as Senior Consultant. Chris’s immediate impact is clearly reflected in the team’s outstanding first quarter. The rest of the team, led by Ian, features Matt on the permanent side and David heading interim recruitment. They are proud to see their continued hard work paying off, reflecting how well the team is already bonding.

Stephen is now Chilworth and Venture Recruitment Partner’s newest recruit, working with both sides of the business. After starting in March, Stephen has quickly settled into his role as Resourcing and Marketing Associate, working hard alongside the consulting team. With a background in the education sector, Stephen is enjoying his new challenge and is looking forward to continuing his work with the team.

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Coming Soon…. Business Breakfast 2016

We are currently planning our first Business Breakfast of the year and the office is buzzing with anticipation. We know that our chosen speaker will really motivate and refocus the audience in an exhilarating way.

We’ll be making a full announcement later this month so watch this space. 

Sponsored Charities and Contributions 2015

Looking back over the year, we have been involved in supporting some fantastic causes!

We would encourage everyone to get involved in whatever way they can, whether it is participating in a sporting activity, running, campaigning, baking – as we did for Macmillan’s coffee morning or even sponsoring colleagues and friends to do so, can make all the difference.

Take a look at the charities we have been sponsoring this year:

Tree of Hope 

Macmillan Cancer Support 

Alzheimers Society 

Harbour Cancer Support Centre

Naomi House 

Cancer Research