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Enhancing team morale and retention

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Do you need to boost employee morale in your team/company? Having a high standard of employee morale can have a huge positive affect on businesses, it gives people a reason to come into work besides ‘needing the money’. It may also prevent employees leaving early, calling in sick and having a low work ethic.

Below is a list of strategies that your business can easily implement to boost employee morale in your company:

1. Praise – saying thank you to an employee for a job well done (and it’s free!)

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2. Introducing an employee of the month or competitions for employees to work towards a goal.

3. Sharing a positive recommendation about an employee from clients/customers around the office.

4. Featuring ‘stand out’ employees in company news/ social media.

5. Keeping reminders of positive contributions your employees make, to refer back to in meetings.

6. Social activities i.e. team-building, drinks outside of work, sporting activities, events etc….CP- 2

7. External Staff training – free training it always a benefit!

8. Subsidising cost of exams/ courses.

CP- 39. Bringing in treats, i.e. cakes on employee’s birthdays.

10. Celebrate completion of projects, quarters, financial year…

11. Provide onsite services – i.e. free tea, coffee, biscuits.

12. New challenges for employees i.e. learning new software’s & technologies, extending their boundaries and comfort zones.

13. Empower employees to make their own decisions.

14. Ask for team’s input – i.e. ideas on how to grow/progress as a business.CP- 4

15. Ask employees about their career aspirations – how do they want to grow in their profession?


16. Working from home opportunities.

17. Flexible time off work for doctors’ appointments and other personal matters which isn’t deducted from employee holiday allowance.