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Event: University of Southampton – Delivering Business Performance Workshop

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Date: Wednesday 12th February 2020

Time: 12.00 – 16.30

Speakers: Simon Haigh and Justin Caffrey

Location: Ordnance Survey Explorer House, Adanac Drive, Southampton, SO16 0AS

* For all attendees please remember to bring your driving licence for photo ID *

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Underpinning the three core business drivers of Risk, Revenue and Reputation, this workshop explores the seven key elements of Sustaining Powerful Business Growth: Principles-we start with the importance of mutual value and the core concepts of negotiation, value, growth mindset and win-win mentality; Planning-we then explore the importance of strategy and human dynamics including clarity, resilience and single-minded determination; Power-we then focus on the power balance in business growth and how you can ensure you have the upper hand.


We explore the four key traits of effective leaders: calmness, ability to listen, importance of being measured and resilience; Players-we then explore developing a mindset for growth and sustaining that growth through powerful mindfulness; Performance-when we pay attention to the mind, our emotions, and our triggers, we can achieve highly impactful Flow State; Putting it all to Bed-we move onto the importance of memorialising and future proofing business outcomes; Pay-out or Post-mortem-we conclude with the essential importance of measurement, reviews and continual improvement.


Key Learning Outcomes

During the workshop you will:

  • Explore the core drivers of risk, revenue and reputation
  • Explore the 7Ps of performance
  • Further understand the importance of measurement Content & Learning Styles

The workshop will combine unique insights, common myths and thought provoking presentations to stimulate in-depth discussions. Peer learning is a big part of the day and you will be given every opportunity to share ideas and learn not only from the speaker but also from others in the group.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Mutual value and negotiation
  • Strategy and human dynamics
  • Effective leadership traits
  • Future proofing

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12.00 Registration and lunch

13.00 Core drivers of performance

14.15 The 7Ps of performance

15.15 Coffee

15.30 Applying the principles

16.30 Close


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Simon Asset 5 Simon - CopyHaigh is a business, leadership, brand & personal growth strategist as a certified leadership coach, consultant, trainer, lecturer mentor, author, speaker and media host. Simon is a tri-qualified (England & Wales, Australia, Ireland) commercial lawyer who, as an entrepreneur, has built and sold a number of technology, luxury items and travel companies. Simon is endorsed by Marshall Goldsmith, high performing leaders, companies, business schools, higher education, professional organisations & Government bodies for his work in unlocking potential, creating transformational change, facilitating growth.

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Justin Caffrey is a coach with over 20 years business experience. He has been a teacher, and master meditator for over six years. He truly believes that in silence, all our questions can be answered. Justin is a Certified Investment Fund Director, who has built and sold multiple regulated complex organisations in various countries. He has sat on the board of specialist tax firms, investment firms and UK Government companies. He now works out of Greystones, Ireland, coaching remotely with a global client base. Justin is an Ireland Business Allstar for Personal Development. Trained in Psychotherapy, his clients learn how to use Eastern modalities to remedy Western problems and create significant change in their lives.



For more details on the event or to request an invite please email the team at Info@chilworthpartnership.co.uk



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