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Executive Learning Partnership: An even better place to work with guest speaker Shay McConnon


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Event summary
2020, so far has been a challenging time for businesses. Never has it been more important for business leaders to understand the needs of their people in order to create an even better place to work. The greatest source of inefficiency for most organisations lies in working relationships,75+% of people leave jobs because of relationship issues. A typical manager loses 25% of his/her day to unnecessary conflict. Only 30% of people trust their bosses.

This enduring challenge is very much still in the workplace and Covid-19 has certainly added a new dimension of difficulty. How in this current environment do we overcome conflict, mistrust, low morale and disengagement? This workshop will explore the practical steps required to create a culture of engagement where staff are happy, engaged, well led and productive, creating transformation rather than information. Participants will leave with practical tools which can be immediately used to engage staff. This session will give the participants the tools to create the workplace of the future, today.


Key Learning Outcomes

Following this workshop, participants will be able to:

• Understand a model of leadership that will support organisations through Covid-19

• Resource people so they can take ownership and drive change

• Track and measure needs, leadership, engagement and wellbeing An even better place to work Content & Learning Styles


The workshop will present unique collateral and personal perspectives around great workplace practices. Introductory presentations will be followed by breakout sessions with questions and contributions from the audience. Peer learning is a big part of the day and you will be given every opportunity to share ideas and learn not only from the speaker but also from others in the group.


Topics explored will include:

• The 7 indicators of an even better place to work

• Systemised leadership – “I now know what to do” • Embedding the “What am I going to do?” mindset

• The ‘How to’ of employee engagement An even better place to work.


If you would like to attend as our guest, free of charge, please email  Ruth Snell at ruth@chilworthpartnership.co.uk


Screenshot 2020-09-01 at 12.10.30 PMSpeaker Profile: Shay McConnon is a psychologist, author, and the founder of People First, an international training and consultancy group. People First deliver impactful solutions, tackling leadership and culture issues within organisations. Shay is at the forefront of learning design, delivering interventions that really make a difference to people performance and engagement. He is the creator of’ An Even Better Place to Work, an online, self-managed solution that prevents people problems and encourages the ‘What am I going to do?’ not the ‘What is management going to do?’ mindset. This solution has been adopted by many organisations globally including Siemens, the Environment Agency, the NHS and other leading organisations to engage their staff and promote ownership. His messages have real business impact. He is a regular speaker at conferences and had been awarded a Fellowship by the Professional Speakers Association for his excellence on the platform. He is a member of the Magic Circle and often uses magic to illustrate his key messages in a fun and memorable way.



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