Market Update – July 2015

The summer months usually signal a slowdown within the recruitment industry as candidates and hiring manager’s alike jet off to enjoy the summer sun. However, Chilworth Partnership and Venture Recruitment Partners have been extremely busy over the last few weeks. Both businesses have managed to acquire a number of exciting retained roles with businesses such as CooperVision and Bainbridge Ltd. We have also successfully introduced into a variety of companies several candidates these are key indicators that the recruitment market is definitely continuing to grow.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), stated that the UK experienced strong economic growth in 2014 which is “projected to continue at a solid pace in 2015 and 2016”. However, The BBC recently posted an article explaining that the country’s growth forecasts have come down from 2.7% to 2.4% for 2015. Uncertain events, such as a “still sluggish Eurozone, renewed uncertainty over Greece’s economic future, and the in/out referendum on the UK’s EU membership” are highlighted as impacting factors.Both groups have commented that greater investment into the UK’s industries is required in order to “revive labour productivity, wages and competitiveness” and bring the economy back to its full strength.

Despite these uncertainties causing a temporary slowdown in the UK’s economic growth, the local recruitment industry is thriving. According to The Recruiter, 20% of jobs advertised across the country are based in the South-East and this is only second to that of London with 24%. July and August, traditionally, are the quietest months for recruitment, but with the combination of unemployment rates gradually declining and salaries steadily increasing, this certainly has not been the case!

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