Market Update – May 2015

The end of the election signals the fast approach of summer and with it the market is also looking much brighter. The uncertainty that shrouded the election has cleared and there are distinct signs of an improvement in the economy. Chilworth Partnership & Venture Recruitment Partners are already experiencing this growth with a pick-up in both permanent and interim assignments

To quote Sue Dodd, VP of Agile Intelligence, a market analysis company. “There is a definite feel out there that we are at the beginning of a good few years of growth.” This, along with the growing strength of the British Pound and the FTSE 250 soaring to an all-time high, heavily indicates a year of growth for the UK across the business industry as a whole. This trend appears to be greatly reflected within the accountancy sector this year, which is echoed by Fortune. They named Accounting to be “One of the 6 most promising industries for the class of 2015”, predicting 18% growth between now and 2020. Fortune also anticipate a rise in demand for accountancy services as companies are committing more investment in strategy in order to take full advantage of the current economic climate.

In local news, the Chilworth Partnership & Venture Recruitment Partners hosted their bi-annual Business Breakfast last week, which was extremely successful. Our Speaker, Ex RAF (Tornado) Pilot Mandy Hickson, delivered an incredibly inspiring insight into coping with high pressure situations. Whilst Mandy’s tales of dangerous missions were indeed thrilling, it was her business world application of the lessons learned over her career that had everyone talking. This continually successful event is not one to miss, so keep an eye out for our next invitation!

If you are looking to secure your next executive and qualified accountancy role, please do not hesitate to get in touch for details about the positions and assignments we are currently handling. These can be viewed on both the Chilworth Partnership website and the Venture Recruitment Partners website, or find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ for further exclusive information.

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