April was a hugely successful month with the highlight of course being ourBusiness Breakfast event. The event saw over 80 delegates in attendance at the Chilworth Manor. Positive feedback is still pouring in, with Bonita Norris’s memorizing talk on overcoming the challenges of Mount Everest being particularly popular. Bonita shared her experiences and remarkable achievements, underlining how seemingly impossible tasks can be achieved through hard work and determination, one step at a time.



On the back of a record quarter, we are proud to announce that we had another record breaking month. The Venture team has continued their phenomenal success in both the permanent and interim markets. We are now working alongside three new companies – two SME’s and one listed business. These businesses are going through periods of significant change around their accounting systems. This has created new opportunities and assignments for candidates experienced in managing change, projects and implementing systems. In addition, we have successfully introduced a Senior Interim Manager with considerable acquisition and integration experience to a major US business.



Whilst opinion is still divided, the consensus amongst businesses that we work with is to stay within the EU. “Both large and small businesses benefit from the EU’s single market, tariff-free trade and full access to a market of 500m people.” If the UK was to leave the EU without the negotiation of a free trade deal, organisations across the country would be affected. The majority of our clients take the stance that EU companies would seek trading opportunities elsewhere within the EU in order to reduce their costs and subsequently diminish trade to the UK, leading to potential job losses.



With the new national minimum wage now in motion, the first signs of a ripple effect are now being seen. On the 1st April, the minimum wage rose from £6.70 to £7.20 and the living wage to £8.35, outside of London. This has not just been good news for employees at the bottom end of pay scales – with firms eager to maintain the differentials between their ranks – employees on higher salaries are also reaping the benefits. As low level salaries rise so do the salary levels above them, this knock on effect is now being witnessed by our mid-market recruitment team.

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