New Role For The New Year?

There is something very symbolic about the start of a New Year and now that 2019 has arrived, many people will look at their current work situation and decide that it is time to find a new job, create a new challenge or opportunity. If you have previously been unsuccessful in your job search, the New Year is a chance to reflect on your processes and wipe the slate clean.

Revamp your professional profiles

CV – If you have previously been unsuccessful in your job search the tendency is to send a vast amount of generic applications and ‘see what sticks’. Your CV should be specifically tailored to each role you are applying for, making sure you include key words, systems and phrases from the job description. Draw attention to key responsibilities and achievements under each role to highlight your relatable experience. Make sure that your CV is clear and concise.

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LinkedIn – Your LinkedIn profile is essentially replacing the traditional CV. 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates and may be put off by inactive or unprofessional profiles. Your New Year’s goal could be to get to grips with this technology and increase your online presence.

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Registering with a recruitment consultancy

If you have not done so already, registering with a recruitment consultancy is a great step to take when searching for a new role. Recruitment companies have exceptional market knowledge and access to hundreds of jobs that aren’t always advertised.

Treat your recruitment consultancy encounter as if it is a a job interview. Consultants don’t have to send your profile to their clients. Make sure you act professionally and stand out from other candidates.

Reach out to connections

Don’t rely on job adverts to secure your next role. Reach out to contacts in your network to let them know that you are on the move. LinkedIn can be an excellent platform to do so.

Manage Your Expectations

Do your homework – taking the time to research different roles, responsibilities, salaries and locations will benefit your search. Be prepared to be more flexible in terms of what you are looking for.

Keep the Momentum Going

In today’s tight economy, it’s also important to be realistic and expect your job hunt to take some time. If you get no replies or outright rejections when you apply for a job, you should ask yourself why. Is it because you’re positioning yourself incorrectly or because you’re not effectively communicating your skills and experience?

Don’t let the rejection get you down and don’t lose track of your 2019 goal!