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Online Event: > Risk Management: Key principles and why they matter.

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We’d like to invite all our Clients and Candidates to join us for an event hosted by ​The University of Southampton Business School on Risk Management: Key principles and why they matter.  

From this event, Dr. Alasdair Marshall will offer some unique insights into what the most important best practice for corporate risk management, are and why they matter. 


Date: Wednesday 19th January 2022 (via Zoom) 

Time: 1 pm-2.30pm 

Presenter: Dr. Alasdair Marshall, Associate Professor in Risk Management, University of Southampton


If you would like to attend as our guest, please email the Chilworth Partnership team at


Event Summary: 

While recognising that certain key principles have already gained widespread acceptance as influencers of best practices for corporate risk management, Dr. Alasdair Marshall will offer some unique insights into what the most important ones are and why they matter.

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Reflecting on his experiences in risk management teaching and research that date back to 2003, Alasdair will emphasise risk management as a professional domain where years and even decades spent examining the fundamentals can continually produce fresh insights into what these fundamentals are and why they matter. The main purpose of the session, then, will be to equip executives with insights into what risk management can mean, and which can apply widely in many organisational contexts. The session will be designed to elicit feedback on what the key risk management principles are and why they matter.



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Dr. Alasdair Marshall has been involved in teaching and research in risk management for almost twenty years. In particular, he has taught risk management modules several times each year since joining Southampton University in 2008. In keeping with the multidisciplinary nature of risk management, Alasdair has published within a broad range of business and social science journals, spanning areas such as business ethics, risk sociology and project management.

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