How using one recruiter exclusively to help you fill your next vacancy will better enable you to find the best candidates

How many times when faced with an important vacancy to fill, is your knee-jerk reaction to contact multiple agencies? Many hiring managers equate covering all options with the spraying and praying approach. In a job-short, candidate-rich market your vacancy is like gold dust. Approaching a variety of recruitment agencies to handle your vacancy is usually a misjudgment –

    • More of your time is wasted briefing recruiters.
    • It appears to candidates that you are searching in an unfocused way and your role will have less cache than roles being handled on an exclusive or retained basis.
    • Your vacancy gets lower (not higher) priority from agencies than exclusive or retained assignments they are handling.
    • Agencies will take chances, providing you with sub-optimal candidates – you are treating the process as a numbers game, why shouldn’t they?

Why you should work with one agency on an exclusive or retained basis:

Applicant Quality

Consultants are given more time to utilise all available resources i.e. job boards, social media, network connections etc therefore applicant quality is improved.

Dedicated Research

Once a recruiter receives your approval, they will start making approaches and asking for suitable referrals. Your vacancy is prioritised – you have invested in the relationship, your recruitment partner will do the same. Recruiters will look far deeper than the pool of available candidates, they will target candidates with specific sector or skill sets and provide candidate and recruiter comments. This process will also enable your recruiter to quickly make any necessary changes to their candidate proposition.

Sell the Company & Role

Allowing recruiters to develop a relationship with a company can benefit search work by gaining full understanding and a more detailed insight into the company, in terms of brand values, mission, objectives, company requirements and personality. Developing this knowledge will allow recruiters to sell the company and role to a higher standard.

Full Commitment

Responsibility is shifted entirely to the recruiter and their hard work is essential for maintaining company reputation..

Change is uncomfortable but shifting your mind-set and adapting your approach will help you stand-out in an incredibly candidate-short market place.