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The Secret to Success in an Interim Management Role

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Professional interim managers provide businesses with a flexible resource that can be deployed on a short-term basis to support an organisation during a period of change, transition or crisis.

Interim work is not for everyone but to succeed in a senior interim role you will need to consider; 

  1. A major shift in your mind-set
    You are the expert. You will be expected to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. You and your experience are a valued product and you will need to learn how to sell yourself, and your previous experience, effectively to prospective clients.
  1. No honeymoon period. You will need to ‘hit the ground running’ on every assignment
    More often than not, interims are appointed at short notice; whether they urgently need a position to be filled after a sudden departure, or a new project has been rushed to the front of the queue and requires an expert to lead it.
  1. You will need the ability to influence people quickly
    The desire to make a change is hugely important and you will need to be able to make people within the organisation listen to you and your ideas. If you can be direct but polite, at the same time, it helps and objectivity is a must.
  2. Making tough decisions will be expected
    Interims are needed to make tough decisions! Often, these are the decisions that the business might not want to make or can’t. It is your job to leverage your experience and insight to make the best decision for the business.CP blog image 2
  1. You’ll need to think differently about your career
    Interim work can be inconsistent. This transition from a permanent role to project-based work can be emotionally challenging; the ability to market yourself affectively is essential during the downtime between projects.

Overall being a professional interim manager can be highly rewarding as it gives you freedom and variety to utilise your experience and skillsets.

If you are an interim manager waiting to happen, then you are welcome to make contact and we can arrange an introductory meeting to discuss being an interim manager in more detail.

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